The Graves Family

The Graves Family is from the area in and around Skiatook, OK. 

David and Lynne Graves and their 10 children have been singing and playing Southern Gospel Music together since the children were very young.  Joseph, Beth, Deborah, and Lydia are the main vocalists for the group, but the entire family has a role in the group.  The group uses a live band featuring David, Lynne, Joseph, Deborah, Gabe, Johnny Hardesty and Jimmy Hardesty. Isaac Graves mixes audio for the group and sings as well.

The Graves Family won the 2001 NQC Talent Search and the 2012 Konawa Talent Search. They write and arrange most of their songs and you will hear the influence of Bluegrass and Country as well as traditional Southern Gospel in their melodies. Their goal is to make each performance a worship service and allow God's Spirit to minister through their music.

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